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Supermom shows you how to make an inexpensive throw cover for your couch.

Older picture of the couch when first purchased.
When we bought our microfiber furniture years ago it was based on the amazing color and the fabric but sadly I realized that I didn’t like sitting on microfiber so I always have a “cover” on it.  Once I bought an expensive one from Pottery Barn to use BUT the problem with that was to use the cover I have to take the ottoman off and use it in the chair.  They are switchable but I prefer the ottoman to be on the couch because that happens to be my spot.

So to use a store bought cover I had to remove it. 

Didn’t like it.

Sure, I can use a queen flat sheet and that does the job but the fabric still doesn’t fit well when using the ottoman.  I don’t know what I didn’t think of this sooner but it came to me in my dream the other day.

Recently I bought this beautiful brightly colored thin quilt at Stein Mart to use on the couch then ran across the same problem with the fabric bunching up in that corner.

Until I decided to cut the quilt where the ottoman sticks out and then sewed both sides of where I cut the fabric so it wouldn’t unravel. 

Making a Throw Cover for your Couch
This is how it looks right now.

Making a Throw Cover for your Couch

Making a Throw Cover for your Couch
I wish I had thought of this sooner!!

Perfect idea and it was only $24.99 plus tax!

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