Recycling a paper bag into gift wrap with a handle.

I love coming up with something out of the blue!

I was shopping at a store down the road and they packed my goodies into a paper bag with handles.  I just couldn't throw it away!!!  So I hung onto it and I'm glad that I did.  I was looking for some paper to wrap Superdad's present and found the paper bag.


Even the paper bag says to recycle!  :) 1

I cut the paper bag down the sides.  Picture posted below.

I then cut the sides and bottom off, leaving the handle and plenty of paper attached to wrap a gift in.  I took the gift, a book (he already opened it) and placed it at the bottom of the paper and rolled it up towards the handle and then tucked the sides toward the back and taped it closed.

Leaving me with a neatly wrapped present with its own handle and pocket for a card!

YAY! 2

Pretty cute, huh?

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