Naming your baby, where did you get the name? From your family? Did your significant other pick the name? Or did it come from somewhere else?

I’ve been ashamed to admit it to my son and to others (and perhaps even myself) that his name came from a short lived soap opera Sunset Beach that I used to watch before and after he was born.  I never even gave it a second thought to where the name came from when I suggested, “Lets name him Ben.” And so we did.

Just Ben.

Ben is such a strong name that it doesn’t need to be a shorted version of another name and it suits him.  He is definitely a Ben.  It’s a noble name. 


There was this character named Ben was played by Clive Robertson and he was this sexy mysterious man who had the best accent ever!!!!!  He was my favorite!  Meg was his love interest and they were always missing each other and just not able to get together until later on which, of course, was the whole point of the soap opera.  Aren’t they all that way? 

So, week after week I watched Sunset Beach and even while on vacation that didn’t change because I was hooked! 

I don’t know when it actually came to me that I named my son after my favorite actor in Sunset Beach but it did one day and I was like “OH NO” but I have no regrets because Ben suits my son.

It’s a perfect name for him.  In a way I guess I should thank Sunset Beach for subconsciously placing that name in my head and bringing it up when we were throwing out names for our son.

They also have something in common, my soap opera hunk and my son, they both have piercing blue eyes.

About my other children’s names….

H was easy because it was one of the names circled in a baby name book.  It suits her too.  I also think Rachel was one of the other names circled and she’s glad that we didn’t pick it.

Lil O was more difficult because we didn’t actually name her until she was three days old.  We were stuck with a couple of different names.  So we ended up combining them both to have her perfect name.  Voila!

Ninja Gurl was easy because Superdad picked her first name and her middle name was a name we toyed with while trying to name Lil O.  Plus, we wanted a Z in her name somewhere so that’s taken care of because it’s in her middle name.

I wish that naming my other three children could have been as exciting as naming my son but sadly it wasn’t.

Not everyone can be named after a soap opera star.

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