Grove Park Inn Spa in Asheville, North Carolina

I live near this amazing place and we visit a couple of times a year because it’s an awesome place to visit and explore, especially when the gingerbread houses are on display.  Last year for my birthday Superdad gave me a gift certificate for a spa treatment and I just haven’t had the time to go.

Until this morning.

I went for an awesome treatment called Sanctuary of the Senses.

SANCTUARY OF THE SENSES BODY TREATMENT ~ This journey through the senses begins with gentle exfoliation, sloughing off daily stresses and free radicals. We continue with drizzles of the finest rose essential oils, ensuring the entire body is enveloped. These oils further penetrate the skin, softening it, as we provide a warm, full-body wrap. Finally, you are given a relaxing half-hour massage. A take-home gift is yours to enjoy

It was amazing.

At first I was leery and anxious thinking that I didn’t have time to be sitting around in a plush robe going commando, with my panties in my robe pocket, sitting in such a swank area sipping infused water eating dried fruit.  No time at all to be relaxing. 


Then I met the amazing gal who took excellent care of me.

She explained everything to me once we got to my room and I began to relax some.  (When we entered the room the table was covered in rose petals and one beautiful long stemmed rose that I brought home with me, picture above.)  I was worried that all the smells would trigger a migraine but they did not thankfully!  I slipped off my robe and hopped between sheets on her table to let the exfoliating begin.  First she used a brush all over to exfoliate and then a warm mixture all over!  It felt amazing.

I took a quick shower in the room to get all the good grit off of me and I could tell instantly my skin was amazingly soft!  Then I crawled back into some clean sheets to be rubbed down and wrapped for a few.  It was heaven.  Then the massage!!!  Oh em gee!!!!  I wish I could go see her like once a week.

But I cannot afford to see her once a week.  I told Superdad that next time I wanted to go with him so we could hold hands, drink champagne and laugh.  Our ten year anniversary is next year so maybe we can spring for a night and enjoy the spa on our visit.  I think that sounds perfect!

After I was back in my robe, with my panties still in the pocket, I was given a nice glass of champagne to celebrate my birthday and I was sent home with some awesome goodies that she used on me for my treatment.

Ahhhh, it was glorious.  I’ve never experienced anything like that before and I cannot wait to again with Superdad next year for our anniversary.

So if you are in Asheville then it's totally worth it to plan a visit at the Grove Park Inn Spa!

**I wasn't paid to post this nor did I receive any perks while I was there.  Superdad gave this to me as a gift paid for by himself.**

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