Doctor Who ROCKS this season and I think Clara Oswin Oswald is FANTASTIC!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for WEEKS but wasn’t sure how to approach this topic and I wanted to get all my thoughts together first.

I can remember Doctor Who coming on as a small child on PBS but I wasn’t a fan where I had to watch it, it just happened to be on the TV and that was before we had cable.  I just wasn’t a fan.  Too bad!

When the BBC brought it back with Christopher Eccleston I fell in love with Doctor Who (TV show) and Doctor Who (the alien).  Since then we have had two more doctors and a few more companions.

Rose – COULDN’T STAND HER PINING all over the Doctor.  It drove me batty!!!!!  In the end she got her duplicate Doc and that story ended thankfully.

Martha – COULDN’T STAND HER PINING over him either.  Really, is this all they could come up with?? 

Donna – I enjoyed having Donna and her family around for the short time that she was around.  AND she wasn’t pining all over the Doctor!  It's about time that there could be a woman on the show that wasn’t trying to get the Doctor in bed.  Ha.

Then there was Amy Pond and Rory and I liked the Three Amigo’s at times.  Amy was in love with her husband and even gave it all up to be with him in the end.  An amazing way to end their story.

River Song – This story didn’t end well at all, sort of like an afterthought.  Oh yeah, what do we do with River???  I used to enjoy her appearing on the show with her book and saying, “Spoilers”.  What happened to all of that?  I cannot even remember how they ended her character, or did they?  I don’t even know.

Let’s get to the juicy bit!  Doctor Who and Clara Oswin Oswald who are fantastic together!!!  You can see the chemistry written all over their faces!  I know that it’s never come out that the Doctor has a girlfriend or wife (Well, that one time he was married and all in that one episode with the pocket watch and The Master)  but I want the Doctor and Clara to get together as a couple.

They can be an amazing duo that travels and has amazing adventures together.  Perhaps even have a child that is part Time Lord that could still stay around once Clara has aged and died since she is human.  I know this isn’t Twilight and he can use his sonic screwdriver and make her immortal.  Not yet anyway….  She’s already died twice so anything is possible.

She’s here for a reason and I think she is here for the Doctor.

I want choose to believe she is here for the Doctor to fall in love and for her to fall in love with him.  This is totally different than the previous companions falling all over him.

Superdad says it won’t happen but I hope that he is proven wrong.

Doctor Who and Clara deserve to have that happiness of being in love together.

What’s you opinion?

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Mrs. Monnock said…

River Song is married to the Doctor, she is his wife. They didn't do anything with her, other than when they first introduced her she died. Just like her father, always dying off, but then she wasn't dead because the Doctor trapped her in the library's database.
Supermom said…
BUT River was in episodes after the Library one. I vaguely remember her running home, to Amy and Rory, and they share a bottle of wine.

They were sitting outside looking at the sky.

SPOILERS found online so may or may not happen:

In series finale "The Wedding of River Song", River resists killing the Doctor, creating an alternate reality. The Doctor marries River and convinces her to return to the established course of events by letting her know how he plans to fake his death; River goes to prison for his murder to corroborate the deception, though it is implied she regularly breaks out of prison to go on dates and adventures with the Doctor.

River appears again in the fifth episode of the seventh series titled "The Angels Take Manhattan" (2012), where she encounters the Doctor and her parents in 1930s New York City. At this later point in her timeline, she is a professor of archaeology and a free woman, having been released from Stormcage after the Doctor erased all evidence of his existence. When her parents are sent permanently back in time by the Weeping Angels, to be forever estranged from the Doctor, she arranges for Amy to leave the Doctor a note in the form of an epilogue to a book. Although she agrees to travel with the Doctor for the time being, she declines his offer of being a full-time companion. River will next appear in the series seven finale, broadcast in May 2013, entitled "The Name of the Doctor" .[5] From River's perspective the events of this episode take place after the events of "Forest of the Dead".[6]

So, she isn't trapped in the database after all. :)

I'm loving this season though!!! I want Doctor Who and Clara to be together because they are awesome.