Bathing Suit Season

It’s that time again, that time that I dread because I hate bathing suit season and I hate it because of my baby belly.

Yes, I have a baby belly, that annoying kangaroo pouch after having four children.  I did gain A LOT OF weight while pregnant and stretched A LOT of skin.  It happens and I’m stuck with it.  It’s called life.

My life.

So, when I’m shopping for a bathing suit I shop for something that holds everything in place.  I’m a huge Lands' End fan when it comes to bathing suits because they have amazing bathing suits that last for forever and hold everything where it’s supposed to go.

Which I really really love!

Recently I’ve been searching for vintage style bathing suits that have the high waists and I found one!  I ordered the beautiful vintage style bathing suit and had to wait because it was on backorder.

No biggie since I’m not ready to wear it just yet.

It came one day and I was thrilled until I tried it on.

Bathing Suit Season

The “girls” were all out there for display and that’s the ONE thing I didn’t like at all.  I had ordered a large so a bigger size wouldn’t work because the bottoms are a little loose as it is. 

Then, like magic, I got an email with a 30% off with FREE shipping from Lands' End.


I found another top that would go with the vintage style bottoms and cover MORE of me on top.

It came yesterday!  AND I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS SUIT!

Bathing Suit Season

Bathing Suit Season

Bathing Suit Season

The bottoms are still a little loose so I’m going to my amazing lady that alters and have her slim them up a bit for me. 

Giving me the perfect bathing suit to hit the beach and pool this summer!

AND it covers all of my stretch marks and holds everything where they are supposed to go.

I also ordered this pretty coral tankini to go with the black Lands' End bottoms that I already have.

Bathing Suit Season

Where do you find the best bathing suits????

PS.  This isn’t a paid post about Lands' End, I’m just telling you my love for their bathing suits.  No money or bathing suits exchanged hands.  Ha ha.

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