A New Hair Cut = Cheap Therapy

We all know I've been struggling with my hair lately.  Cut it, let it grow, cut it or let it grow.

I even took a recent picture today to show you how I look with hair and how I'm not feeling it.  I know, it's a never ending story.  If all of my problems were this small!  Right?

Growing My Hair Out I took this picture this morning before I had errands to run.  After I picked up Lil O from school with Ninja Gurl I took them to JCPenney's to shop for summer clothes.  It was rough let me tell you!  OH EM GEE!  I thought I was shopping for FOUR teenage girls instead of two babes, aged 8 and 5.  The total felt like I had been shopping for four teenage girls!!!!!!  I thought JCP had brought their super awesome sales back????

So anyway, after 1 1/2 HOURS OF SHOPPING with them I decided something major!  Something ground breaking.  Something that will finally shut me up!

I got my hair cut!

I feel like myself again!  IT'S AWESOME!!!!

*happy dance around the house!*
Hair cutYou wouldn't believe all the hair that was in the floor after she was finished!  I was in shock!!  I really did have a lot of hair.  Or I had a lot of hair.  Not anymore.  She didn't go all super short like I usually wear but I'm so happy!!!!

Hair cutThis picture was taken right after when I was itchy all over from the hair!!!  I couldn't wait to get home to take a shower and put on clean pj's.

See how much better I look with short hair?!?!?  It's okay to agree with me because you will not hurt my feelings at all!!

I'm home now, I've had a bath, I've fed the kids and made a cup of coffee.  Ahhhh.

I'm so glad that I had that done.  I do feel so much better!!!!

And just think that tomorrow I have a spa visit scheduled, a gift from Superdad last year for my birthday and I'm so happy to be able to finally use it!!!!!

Hair cutYep, I feel just like my old self again!

Good night everyone.  :)

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