Working on my "Quiet oasis from woman and camels".
Quote from Al Bundy, Married with Children

I'm really working on getting out of the house in the summer, so I'm working on fixin' up the front porch.  ha ha

Baby steps.

(Plus the wi-fi reaches out there too.)  I TEASE, sort of.

No, seriously I want to spend more time outside with my flowers and herbs and gaze at the lake and really be at a peace like I am at the beach.  I want to have that at my own house.

Here's a before picture of the front porch.  Superdad recently had the whole porch rebuilt when he put a new roof on the house and it's a beautiful porch with cedar and tile.  It really is a nice space and deserves more use besides toys and chalk.

front porch

The past few days I've been working out there and added a few things.  Pillows.  Cushions.  Hummingbird feeder.  I even planted some flowers.  I have a big surprise for the "centerpiece" for the end table and I'm currently working on it.  I cannot wait to finish and show you.

front porch remodel

Next to add the shades that I need to buy bought today.  :)

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