Why do we complicate love?

This is a question that I ask myself very often when I talk to my friends and even when I talk to my teenagers.  Love isn’t complicated, we as humans make it that way.  My advice to all, relax, take a deep breath and just love.  DO. NOT. MAKE. IT. COMPLICATED.

Yes, it can be that simple and is that simple.

I’ve debated if I wanted to open this door and blog about what I think about it all.

Do I?

No, don’t!

Do I?

No, don’t!

Why not?

What if people think I am crazy?

What if they say something rude?


Who cares?

Really, who cares!

Just love!

Don’t complicate.

I see someone special going through a difficult time all because when they (she + her guy) were on a break (Like a bad episode of Friends) she went out with someone else and they kissed.  MAJOR!  NOT!!!!!!!

Really, this is what people tend to remember?  A kiss.  Something that you do with your grandmother for pete’s sake.  Give it a break already!  They shared a kiss and now it’s all you remember and you hurt her now that you are back together with it so then you break up again all because you cannot forget that one simple kiss.

You are letting that one simple kiss ruin so much in your life.

Why do people do that?  Really?

You can choose to be with someone because you want to be with and when you do that you have to forget the past.  It’s fair like that.  Why dwell on the past when you can be missing the best thing that ever happened to you?

So, my point and I think I do have one. 

You can love more than one person at a time because different people can bring different things to you in a relationship.  Don’t be starting those hate emails either because it won’t change how I feel.  I think that our heart is this huge amazing gift that can give and give and give love if we want to AND why wouldn’t we?!?!?

Who wouldn’t want to give love and receive love in return?

I’m not talking about going out to the bar each week and picking up someone for sex.  THAT’S A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY and not what I’m talking about.  (Right now, taking a mental note to blog about that another day.)

I just know that you can be in a committed relationship like being married or having a long term relationship and meet someone and have love for them without taking away from your first commitment.

I want my children to know this.


Society isn’t on board with me.

It hurts me to see my friend in pain because we complicate love.  We as in how we are raised in what society believes.

Well, not me.

I know that I love my Superdad with my whole heart and he’s everything to me.  He knows I feel this way and he doesn’t like to talk about it but I’ve told him how I feel about it when a Sister Wives episode comes on.  (WTG Brown family!!!)

If another woman loved him as much as I do, why would I stop that??  If it was someone that believes in family and knows that he’s a happily married man and loves him, like me, I would find that to be an amazing thing.

Love is meant to be shared and not divided.

I’m not a jealous woman so I have no problem with it but society has made it to be a terrible thing.

Society is wrong.

In other countries they think differently than us and I find it amazing!!!!!  AMAZING!!!! 

Who wouldn’t want that?

Anyway, I wish that we would stop complicating love and keeping it this black and white thing and remember it as a rainbow with many colors.  If we taught our children this then we could save them from so much hardship in this crazy dating world that they find themselves in.

I hope that for their sake, society as a whole changes with time.

Love is a rainbow with so many amazing qualities and it’s meant to be shared.

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