Two Very Different Facebook Updates

This was this morning:

Supermom is hurt and pissed. The urologists office basically dismissed me this morning when I called. I was told that my scans were okay and the doc doesn't know why I hurt and for me to see my general doc. Said in a mean way by a nurse that I probably paid for her kid to go to college for a year or two!

WTF? Right?

After saying the F word a couple hundred times and calling my family doctor to explain everything, I go see him in a minute.

He is the one that has been there for me medically for 19 years and I cannot wait to get there!!!!

This is now at 2:00 pm:

I am home. I had a wonderful visit with my awesome doctor! I was able to talk, cry, cry and laugh and cry more and he totally got it. He reassured me that I am not going crazy and the pain I am in is from the surgery. Since the renal ultrasound showed everything working he was sure of that. He changed some meds and in time I will be feeling better. *deep sigh* He did say I had to go back to the urologist to complete the 48 urine test and that he WAS a good doctor. I cannot let the actions of the nurse to keep me from going.

Thank you everyone for being on Team Michelle! ♥

I will blog when I feel better.  Enjoy your weekend.

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RedMelD said…
I am so glad that you were able to get in with a doctor that knows you well and is going to care for your needs. Grateful your scans are normal. Love you sis!
I'm glad that your regular doctor took the time to calm you and address all of your issues. I feel so bad. Nobody should be in that kind of pain for as long as you have been!