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Today I was blessed. Like all the other days in my life really.

Happy BirthdayHere are some really good pictures taken this morning of Baby M celebrating turning 5.  She's been playing the birthday card ALL day I might add.  I'm the birthday girl I want to watch a movie.  I'm the birthday girl I want to play on the computer.  I'm the birthday girl I want pizza for dinner.  Etc.....

It's been adorable.

On the other hand I have felt like crap.  I've been doing too much since I started to feel better last week.  I couldn't help it because there are things that needed to be done and I didn't want to ask Superdad, giving him some time off since he's been doing so much as it is.

But this morning the pain got worse and runs down the back of my left leg.  I'm guessing nerve pain from the surgery on that side of my body.  So, I guess I will require more time to recuperate from surgery.  UGH!  My friend Julia brought Lil O home from school while Superdad ran across town to get B2 from school.  My college student stayed home today because she didn't feel well but she ended up helping with the babies a lot and that was very helpful.

I even crawled back into my bed and took a nap, which is a rare thing for me but it felt so good.  A warm comfy bed.  Sophie the Superdog stood guard.  :)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I bought the girls the cutest birthday necklaces.  I thought they were special so they each received one from mommy.

Poems that were included with the necklaces.

Enjoy you're five
To school you'll arrive
Learning new things
And all that life brings

Enjoy you're eight
Life is just great
New friends galore
So much to explore
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