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Making the perfect decorative piece for my front porch.

CrochetingI've been working on my front porch the past week and it has been very enjoyable!  I'm going to share with you on how to make the perfect decorative piece just using what you have around the house.  Recyclable jars from previous food products (I keep cute jars that can be reused), yarn, tea light candles, an old doily I crocheted and a tray for a flower pot.

I stayed up one night and crocheted some little flowers with cotton yarn that I already had in my yarn bucket.  Doesn't everyone have one of those??  A tote full of awesome 100% cotton yarn in assorted bright colors?


My goodies.

Pretty crocheted flowers.

Decorating. Crocheted flowers.
Ready to sit outside when the shades go up.

Decorating. Crocheted flowers.
A simple decorative piece.

I have a single flower and a bunch of flowers in two different jars, I did glue the jars to the flower tray just in case a gust of wind was to knock the glass jars over and I didn't want them to break on the tile floor.

I love having the tea lights in a different mason jar for a cute look plus if I want to pull the shades and get all sexy with Superdad I can light some candles for us.  (Just an idea.)

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