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book club
Superdad picked up my book
for the club yesterday.
The other day my friend Jen asked me if I wanted to join her book club and I had to think about it…just for a minute.  Of course I did because it will encourage me to do something I enjoy, READ!  And we know I haven’t had time to read lately with everything going on.  I hate how things we enjoy doing ends up being neglected because life gets so busy.

Or in my case, because I am sick.

Or my anxiety is on a level where I cannot concentrate on a book.

Friday was a very rough day for me with a lot of crying.  A LOT OF CRYING!!!!  So much crying that I ended up with a HORRIBLE MIGRAINE!  The worst migraine I think I’ve ever had.  I ended up on the couch with an ice pack on my forehead and one behind my neck and I was afraid to move.

I was afraid to breath.

It was awful.

I was sick most of Saturday and slept a lot of it.

My body just shut down and turned off.

To heal.

Not to be mistaken with laziness.

I couldn’t control myself sleeping just simply because I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Here it is Sunday and everyone is taking it easy I suppose, as I delegate chores to everyone and even myself.  The house is upside down and I told Baby M this and she corrected me that our house is not actually upside down.  Ha ha.  It was cute.  I’m talking about the house being dusty and messy. 

I had the kids change their sheets and clean their room.  I told MY SON that all I wanted to do in their rooms this week was to be able to walk in their room to dust and vacuum.  I did not want to pick up dirty clothes, clean clothes, trash and other stuff that I would TRIP over. 

I took it upon myself, and I regret it, to change the sheets on the bunk beds.  Oh em gee!!!!!  It was awful.  I broke out in a sweat and said several cuss words and I know this was partly because I wasn’t really able to do all of that since I wasn’t feeling well but I wasn’t going to be beat by a heap of wood and fabric!  Nope, not going to happen!

(Don’t make me do it again though.  It was TORTURE!!!!!!)  Pure torture I tell you!!!!!  Bunk beds are EVIL!!!!!  EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  E.V.I.L.

I tidied up the kitchen and got all of the dirty clothes together.

Superdad, WHO’S AWESOME!!, went to the grocery store for me even bringing back delicious organic blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries for me.  I’ve been eating a lot of fresh fruit while sick and for the foreseeable future since I start the cleanse tomorrow.  YAY!  Here’s to feeling better!!!!!!

I even scheduled a few giveaways to post this week.

I have a list of topics I want to blog about this week as well.  That should be a lot of fun because I have a few topics I want to talk about. 

Supermom is busy but going in the right direction to feeling better and getting healthier. 

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