I don’t want abs of steel…

or a butt you can bounce quarters off of.

A few weeks ago, while I was sick, I came across this article about five exercise moves that will work out every muscle in your body.  I was intrigued as I was adding on the pounds from sitting around sick.  I saved the page and printed it out for motivation.

I gave it a go yesterday.

I wasn’t able to do one of the moves because I just wasn’t strong enough and didn’t have the energy.

So I worked on the other ones.

No biggie.

I broke out a sweat.

Then enjoyed a protein shake and some fresh fruit.

Then after dinner it kicked in and I was sore from head to toe.

Head.  To.  Toe.

This morning while hugging Superdad I felt the burn and cried, “I don’t want abs of steel.”

I’m shocked that the exercises I did yesterday worked so many muscles in my body.  Even my butt hurts.  And my arms.  And my thighs.  And my belly.

Here you go!  Here’s the sheet I printed out. 

Printed off from Daily Mail.  Thanks for the burn!

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