Happy Birthday Baby M

Mommy meets baby.
Mommy meeting baby for the first time.
Today the best little girl turns FIVE!!!!!!  Baby M is such a joy to have in our lives and has completed our family perfectly.  I cannot believe my last baby is now five!

This morning we celebrated with cupcakes that had orange icing because orange is her favorite color and she was able to open her birthday present with everyone before it was time for school and work.  Today is her day so there's no telling where she will have us go for dinner!  I hope it's someplace good!

Here's a picture of her fourth birthday party and a collage of pictures from the last year.  Enjoy!  I cannot wait to share pictures from her special day, today her actual birthday and Saturday when we have her party.

Pretty Baby M.
Happy fourth Birthday Party.


Happy Birthday my precious baby.
I love you,

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