Getting Better After Surgery

It all started February 20 when I collapsed in the kitchen due to pain.  Since then I’ve gone to five doctors’ appointments, had one vaginal ultrasound, had two x-rays, had once CT Scan, talked to several nurses on the phone and had surgery.  Not to mention them adding ABOUT SIX medications to my daily routine.

It sucks.

A lot.

I hate to admit this not because I am embarrassed but I don’t want to believe it myself because I was totally happy with my previous weight of around 127.

Then I noticed my panties being tighter.

Then my pants!

What’s up with that?

Then my middle section just ballooned up and I weigh around 135.  Sometimes I weigh less, sometimes I weigh more.

Dammit, I refuse to buy bigger clothes!!!

I know the weight gain is partly (mostly) because I’ve been sitting on one spot of the couch since February 20 th and I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate due to Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Oh, and there was Lil O’s birthday cake!

Starting Monday, that’s six days away; I will be doing my first ever body cleanse.  I bought this organic cleanse that lasts two weeks.  I will also be giving up chocolate and my sugar intake. 

I’ve already given up my favorite crunchy snack, potato chips.

This totally sucks.

I’m going to try and give up coffee as well.

Without sugar I’m sure I won’t like it anyway.

I’ve also got an exercise routine picked out to add to the cleanse and diet change.

I’m even going to start walking with my honey around the neighborhood when the weather allows.

Hmmm, I may like bathing suit season this year after all.

Recently I did buy this super amazing vintage looking bathing suit!  I hope it won’t be too big for me after all these changes I will be making.

Exchanging it for a smaller size wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

I'll be blogging about the total misery of all of this for sure!  Just you wait until Monday without coffee. 

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Jenny Sellars said…
Congrats! You will have to let me know which cleanse you are doing. Is it okay with your stones and stuff?
Just be careful of making too many changes at once. Too many changes leads to feeling deprived and unhappy. Small steps at first will lead to more success!
Supermom said…
Jenny ~

This one:

I'm guess it will be okay. With me being sick and eating a lot of junk food it may even make me feel better.

Donna ~

I will take it slow :)