Yesterday was a difficult day for me.  It started with me totally missing the girls getting their Easter baskets and seeing them get ready for church because I slept until 10 am which is very off for me.  Thankfully my teenage daughter took pictures for me and dressed the girls.  They looked beautiful in their Easter dresses.

Well, they look pretty all the time. 

So, I woke up at 10 am feeling awful and I canceled Easter because we were supposed to go to my dad's house to celebrate and have an egg hunt.

It didn't happen.

For me that is.

The girls ended up going and playing for a long time leaving me in a very quiet house.

Then my teens went to their dad's house to visit more family.

Superdad took our Superdog for a walk with his brother and his dog.

I was alone in the house.

Left to watch Criminal Minds.

And have a pity party.

I felt alone.

Even though so many have been there for me and helped me.

I still felt alone.

There have been a few that haven't been around.

That hurts me because I have been there for them.


Such is life.

I'm up at 2 am typing this because I jumped up out of the bed in pain after midnight.

This is aggravating me.  A lot.  Today I will call and see if I can see my doctor since he will be back from vacation.

I want to feel better.

I must feel better.


Enjoy these adorable pictures.

Easter 2013

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Mrs Furious said…
Oh, I'm so sorry that this has been dragging on and on. I know exactly how you feel about the loneliness, etc. I wish I was there... I'd come over and bring peanut butter eggs. HUGS.
xo, Mrs F
Supermom said…
Mrs F ~ I wish you were here too!! You are one of the few I'd have a blast with at the moment. Alcohol involved of course!

To go with the pb cups!