Decisions Decisions.

I will be going to a PR event next week and I'm trying to decide on what to wear because as soon as I step off a plane I will be headed to the event.  UGH!  I bought a pretty shirt today but Superdad hates it and I love to wear grey clothes and Superdad hates that too.

Here's what I've tried on so far today:


The printed shirt to the right is new.  I love it!!!!!!  It's a sheer scarf fabric!  Plus it matches my green and blue heels.  I tried on black linen pants, grey sailor pants, grey shirt and even threw on a green scarf to match my shoes. 

I just don't know!!!!

I'd also like to thanks Superdad, ahead of time, for the awesome beautiful new handbag and wallet for Mother's Day!  It's awesome, I love it!  You know what I like!  *wink*

I'm going to try on more clothes!  Enjoy your weekend!

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Mrs Furious said…
grey shirt, black pants, scarf & green shoes... perfect. good luck!
Supermom said…
Thank you Mrs F!!!