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The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

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Decisions Decisions.

I will be going to a PR event next week and I'm trying to decide on what to wear because as soon as I step off a plane I will be headed to the event.  UGH!  I bought a pretty shirt today but Superdad hates it and I love to wear grey clothes and Superdad hates that too.

Here's what I've tried on so far today:


The printed shirt to the right is new.  I love it!!!!!!  It's a sheer scarf fabric!  Plus it matches my green and blue heels.  I tried on black linen pants, grey sailor pants, grey shirt and even threw on a green scarf to match my shoes. 

I just don't know!!!!

I'd also like to thanks Superdad, ahead of time, for the awesome beautiful new handbag and wallet for Mother's Day!  It's awesome, I love it!  You know what I like!  *wink*

I'm going to try on more clothes!  Enjoy your weekend!

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Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, North Carolina

Early Girl EateryThis morning I had a special treat of venturing downtown to have breakfast at Early Girl on Wall Street.  Early Girl is one of MY FAVORITE places to eat when I am downtown for several reasons 1) the food is delicious 2) the owners are AMAZING and I consider Julie to be a friend that I can sit and chat with (we did this morning) and 3) Superdad and I have a history there.

While we dated we went there to eat, after we married we went there to eat, after having our first child we went there to eat and now that we are a family of six we continue to eat there.  It’s wonderful knowing that I’ve been going to Early Girl for a decade now and still have that giddy excited feeling when I know that we are going to go eat there.

I’m glad that Tony of Krash Web Creations had picked EG as our breakfast spot even if I do have trouble with jokes and realize the meaning a bit late.  HUSH IT TONY!!!!!  I sort of promised myself that I wouldn’t blog about this since I’m a local gal but I just cannot sit on my hands anymore!

We passed a local business downtown named Working Girls Studio and it happened to be on the second floor and the steps leading up had “Come on Up” painted on them.

COME ON!!!!  Please tell me I’m not the only PERV who got a whole new meaning to this?!?!?!?!

Okay, I got that off my chest.  *wiping brow*  No offense to that company or anything because I’d totally hate to be called inconsiderate again.  I just got a good giggle out of it.

Wordless Wednesday

Skater Gurl!

WOOT WOOT!  Bike Riding!

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