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Today has been (and still is) a bad day for me pain wise and I'm not feeling well.  I have my doctors appointment midweek so hopefully everything will be taken care of then, arrangements to get this outta me.  I’m ready to be pain free and not have this rock in me anymore.  I told Superdad that I’m framing this stone!  In glass!  And hanging it in the house for display!


Damn stone.

Well, since I haven’t felt well today I’ve been on the couch surfing the big old WWW and I thought I would share with you a few things that intrigued me today.  You will Laugh Out Loud for a few of these because I know I did!!!!

I was on Etsy today and I really don't know how I stumbled onto these!  Really I don't!  Ohhh, I was searching Star Trek to see if I saw anything super cool to order for Superdad since he has a birthday in June and our anniversary is in May and then there's Father's Day to think about.

You get my drift.

Star Trek Communicator Pasties
Click HERE to purchase these bad boys on Etsy.

If your partner is a huge fan then you know they will love these!  Except Superdad, he wasn't adding them to his cart and I wasn't adding them to mine.  ha ha

I will just stick to browsing the Fun Betty website.  ;)

Enough said.

Supermom LOVES Dogshaming!!!!!!!

FYI, I hate those damn things too!

Oh Lord!!!  She's baaaaccckkkk!!!!!  I cannot stand this woman and she's plain cRaZy!  Here's what started it all AND she just will not STFU!  Her recent article on the smut site I visit is here.  I hate to give her more press but she drives me crazy.  I first heard about her when she wrote that ridiculous article about how women hate her because she's beautiful.  *gag*  If you read the article you will know exactly what I mean.  Even Google her name and you can read more self-centered articles that she has written.  Please Samantha, I beg you, stop talking! 

PS.  Samantha, don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

One last thing before I hit Publish.

I saw this today and fell in love.  I will tell you all about it when it comes in the mail.

Mine will have a letter "B" on it.  This beautiful necklace is coming from the Etsy store MotherDaughterJewel.

PS.  I wasn't paid to post any of the above.  I just stumbled onto them as I was goofing off online.  Share with me something that made you laugh today!

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Laurel said…
Oh man!! I'd LOVE to get into metal working, but I already can't afford the bad habits that I'm in to.
Mrs Furious said…
How can that Samantha stuff even be real?!!!! She isn't even pretty! Seriously. I can't handle it. The teeth. The face... none of it. Not pretty. WTF?
Supermom said…
Inno Laurel. Well, my yarn isn't that expensive.

Mrs F!!! Now you see my anger!!!!!!! She irritates the piss outta me, only wish she irritates the stone outta me.

She probably hates us because we are beautiful!

PS. Text me so I have your cell number again, lost it with the new phone. xoxox