Sophie loves riding in the car.

Reading is awesome.Ever since we brought Sophie home, about two years ago, she loves to take rides in the car.

But she gets carsick so her rides have to be short.  She can ride to Lil O’s school and UNCA but she cannot be in the car much longer than that or she barfs in the van or immediately once she gets out of the van.

If she is on a longer ride we will give her something to make her drowsy and make her tummy all better.

Sophie has a routine with me when she’s in the car even though Superdad was the one that started doing it in the first place.

She loves to go on the school runs with me in the morning and the girls love it too.

So, when we get back to the driveway I stop and let Sophie get over in my lap and hang her head out the window for the short ride to the garage.  She’s in heaven!!!!!

I am in heaven too watching the wind blow through her hair!

It is the little things in life.  My life and a dog’s life.

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