Moms are blogging too much, forgetting why they started in the first place. IMPO

When I first started blogging while I was pregnant with my third child, over 9 years ago, it was useless boring stuff and I had to learn how to blog and how to let my true self shine through.  I’m a very funny woman and a fun perv and I’m the comedian in the bunch when I’m with my friends.

I had to learn to not be shy or worry what others would think about me.  I had to be Michelle not the person that I thought people would want to read.  I had to be me.

I didn’t start blogging to make it rich and trust me I still don’t blog to make money because I don’t.  I enjoy the extra coffee and yarn money but you don’t see me adding a new addition to the house or planning an extravagant vacation or overly excessively spending unless it’s a cart full of yarn at the craft store or buying cleaning supplies at Target and the occasional clothing that I find on sale for myself.  For example yesterday I bought four 100% cashmere sweaters for less than $80.00 altogether saving me over $600.00 dollars!!!!  I call that a steal!  You see my drift.

We do have a daughter going to college and living at home because her college is just down the road and our son is in a public high school and our newly 8 year old goes to a private Montessori School and in the fall our soon to be 5 year old will be going to a private Montessori School.

So we will have to pay two tuitions pretty soon.  Thankfully the teen had awesome grades for a free ride to college and for that we are thankful.

SO back to blogging.  I used to spend HOURS on the computer trying to blog and network and whatever else I thought I had to do to be noticed.  I ignored my kids and my husband as I tried to break into the world on Internet blogging.  For this I am sorry because I know I missed some things along the way and I know that it really didn’t do anything to make my blog stand out among the rest.

I just want bloggers to know that you don’t have to spend all these hours a day working on a blog not spending valuable time with your children and spouse.  I learned along the way and it may have been the hard way.  I hate to admit it but last year I noticed how many times I was saying, “Just a sec.” and it saddened me.

Now in the mornings after doing the school runs I will sit at my laptop for two hours TOPS!  I will check my email, I don’t answer email every day but I do read it and about once a week you will start getting responses from me if you are a company.  If you are a fan then I always email back immediately or after dinner is finished. 

I will always update Facebook and Twitter, either with my own hands or by letting an auto program do it for me.  I mostly sit down once a week and program things to post automatically for me which saves me a lot of time.  Then of course I will blog and schedule blog posts to post during the week, like home life, reviews and of course giveaways!  Then I will run over to Pinterest to pin the things on my blog!  During this time I answer Tweets and talk to people on Facebook that have left me comments. 

When all of the above are done I will check out the smut like Daily Mail and People magazine.

Then I shut my laptop.

Yes, I do have my iPhone that I can check email; update Facebook and Twitter during the day and that just takes a moment.  It keeps me connected to the people that read the blog and communicate with me.

It’s not about name brand companies contacting me and being invited down to Disney for a family trip (which hasn’t happened to me).  I call those big bonuses to bloggers!  But I’m not going to arrange my life to spend endless hours on a computer to be noticed like that missing valuable family time.

Not anymore!

I am not Pioneer Woman or Dooce but I can hold my own.  I am Supermom after all!  Mom of four kids, wife of Superdad, mom of one Sophie the Yorkiepoo and funny friend to all.  I’ve been blessed and I’m thankful because owning The Adventures of Supermom has given me some great opportunities and it still does on a daily basis.  For example a company sees I am sick on Twitter and then they send me medication or Hershey’s sends me an awesome Easter Basket with a huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg in it or Room 88 will send me an awesome bottle of lotion because they know I love the scent and how it makes my skin soft.  I am thankful!  Thank you.

I talk to the people who read my blog, I answer your emails, I talk to you on Facebook and Twitter and if you ask for advice I give it to you.  There are even some of you that have my cell phone number and will text me and we can have some fun conversations!  You rock!

This past month as I’ve been stranded on my couch with this kidney stone I’ve never seen so much outpour online from everyone.  More outpour online than in real life I’m ashamed to say.  It is what it is.  My mamaw & great aunt have made dinner and brought treats over, my brother in law and mother in law have helped collect kids from school along with my friends Julia and Jen.  My step mom and daddy and Anna and Jake call to check on me.  These are people that know me in real life.  Even Superdad’s work ordered dinner for us one night.

As I was vacuuming just a sec ago trying to get this kidney stone to move I was thinking of how awesome my life is and how I don’t need to sit at my laptop any longer than I do to make my life any better.

So advice to a new blogger:  you don’t have to spend all day on a laptop trying to get noticed.  Just do what you can in a short time then spend that time with your children and husband.

I have and it’s awesome.

Oh, I forgot to tell you why I started blogging and why I continue to blog!!!!

It keeps me sane and I know that you can relate to things that happen at our house and I hope that you get a chance to giggle with me when you are familiar with a situation.

Hugs and Kisses to you Supermom Freaks.

Without you, I’d just be talking to myself.

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