Just hanging out on the couch.

The past few weeks have been rough and you already know this.

Last night Baby M threw up again about two inches from the blanket I’m crocheting.  *wiping brow*  So she was puny from then on and even during the night.  I ended up watching her sleep on the couch as I watched TV and crocheted some.  I didn’t want to wake her by moving her to bed so I caught about 4 hours of sleep on the couch until it was time to get up and get Lil O to school.

I also ran to the grocery store to get a few things.

Some yogurt for H.

Some Easter goodies for baskets.

Some facial stuff for H.

Lemonade for me.

Bananas, cause I’m craving one.

Vanilla Ice Cream because Baby M asked.

Other assorted things that we use.

It was nice to walk around the store alone but I was in some serious pain.

(Let’s talk about poop shall we?  Men and kids do so why can’t women?)

The pain meds aren’t making it easy for me so I asked Superdad to run to Walgreens to get over the counter help to which he replied that he’d rather buy condoms and porn instead of SUPPOSITORIES.

I’d rather have the suppositories myself but I am the one on medication.

Perhaps we can get condoms and porn next time.

I’m open to that.

So anyway after being able to go to the bathroom I am in more pain.

I don’t like it.

I don’t like it at all.

Doesn’t seem fair to me.

Still waiting for doc to call me back, which should be this AFTERNOON when he gets to the office for clinicals.  I was told this about an hour ago.

I must admit that it was the fifth time calling the office since Monday wanting answers.

Sort of pisses me off.

Well, I know it does.


She deserves a break.

Or more pain medication.

Just sayin’..

Baby M is playing a game right now all puny.  Poor baby.  Sophie is asleep beside me.  Good doggie.  Lil O and Handsome B are at school while Crazy Beautiful Teenage Daughter is out of school for spring break.  She’s getting ready to go out with friends.

Last night she surprised me with a neck pillow, which I am in love with, and Harry & David TRUFFLES! 

Isn’t she amazing!  Plus, she’s already given me one goodie bag when I first got the kidney stone.

She is very thoughtful and loving and caring and beautiful and smart and I could go on and on but I don’t wanna.

Lately I’ve been feeling lonely. 


I guess I will stop typing now and crochet on my blanket.  Thank goodness Baby M didn’t throw up on it last night or I would have cried like a baby!

Like I do most days anyway.

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Tiffany said…
I wonder the same thing why is it men and kids can go to the bathroom at least once a day or more every day but us women suffer :/
I must be lucky because my hubby will actually go out and buy personal things for me!! Which he might be imagining it being condoms or porn! LOL
I hope Baby M feels better soon!! I know it is miserable for us moms seeing our little ones sick!! My 7 mth old daughter is sick with a cold right now and has chest congestion along with cutting another tooth (I think)
That was so thoughtful and loving of your daughter to bring you the goodies.. :) She sounds like she is a loving,smart,caring,beautiful, etc teenage daughter!!
I hope and pray you get some answers this afternoon!! You have been in pain long enough!!
** HUGS***

PS Thanks for everything you do!! I am patiently waiting on my little brown envelope but I know it will show up when I least expect it! Take care of yourself first!! :)
Hang in there girl.
I have never had a kidney stone so I can only imagine the paine.
hugs to you!
Awww...you sure are having a rough time of it. Just wanted to say hi and that I hope you and your little one start to feel better really soon!
Supermom said…
Thank you TIffany, Krista and Donna. :)