How long will this go on?

Guess what time it is. Ha ha.
In fuzzy.
I went to bed with Superdad and my heating pad at a decent hour and I was excited about snuggling and sleep.  Sigh.  Then after tossing and turning (and keeping my honey awake) I got up, grabbed my robe, and walked in the dark to my comfy couch after grabbing some peanut butter cups and my pain meds.

I’m up and it’s after 2am!  I’m watching TV surfing the web thinking about crocheting something.

Anything as this point!

Pot holders.


Pillow covers.


I’m disappointed.

This week is spring break and I wanted to do something fun with the kids!  There had been talk of the beach or Pigeon Forge and even Chuck E Cheese (cringe) but here I sit on the couch unable to do anything fun with them.

It’s Friday and school will start soon and I haven’t done anything fun with the kids.

I’m not able to drive because of my medication but I don’t feel like going out because of the pain that I am in.

It just isn’t fair!

I’m upset about this.

And Easter is on Sunday! 

I want to cry but I won’t.

I’m just going to be positive and know that it does take time to heal after surgery and that I will do something fun with the kids when I feel better.

What will you do this weekend?

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