Fantasy Island

Our Star Trek Season Two voyage is over so we are planning our next Friday night ritual with a new (old) TV show.  For the past two years we’ve watched the original Star Trek series to celebrate their 45th anniversary by watching them on the same night that they were aired all those years ago.

It wasn’t my idea just in case you were wondering.

Superdad is a huge fan.

So, we watched the last episode of season two and now we will wait until it’s time to start season three.  In the mean time we needed a new telly show to watch as a family on Friday night. 

It came to me at the hospital.

I still remember watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island on Saturday nights with my papaw and it was an awesome memory that I will never forget.  I couldn’t talk Superdad into Love Boat but Fantasy Island won!

So starting next Friday we will start watching Season 1 of Fantasy Island.

The plane!  The plane!

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