Do you color your pubic hair?

Yes, this is a legitimate question.

Do you color your pubic hair?

I’ve been thinking about this for a day or two because next week if I have to have a stent put in the doctor will be around my “ya ya” so I wanted to give them something fun to see.

I thought I could make a funky design or color it hot pink!

Inno inno, sounds totally crazy fun! Right?

I could make a heart and color it or make an Easter egg in some green grass!!!

Now that sounds totally AWESOME!!!!

I really love the Easter egg in some grass idea!

I may need help with this, ohhhhhhhhh Superdad!!!!!!!

Dyeing the hair down there

PS.  I wonder if Superdad is ever embarrassed that he's married to me and thank GOODNESS my mamaw doesn't know what the Internet is!!!!!

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mbl said…
What pubic hair?
My very first thought when I read this was Holy hell, how many of those pain pills did you take?? Then I just had to chuckle, cuz I really laughed at the Easter Egg in the grass idea! Pure Awesomeness!
Supermom said…
TJ: I have to have some hair!!!! I just cannot go bare!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Donna!!!! I've only had two total today. I know it was an awesome idea but, ummm, today I got rid of where the egg would have been. I guess I could just have green grass? bwah ha ha