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Birthday Treat Bags

Doing what she loves best!
It slipped up on me!  Lil O has a birthday on March 11 and for some strange reason I had forgotten about it thought I had more time.

We had to find the perfect present that she had been asking for.  We did.

We had to find a place close by that would fit everyone from her class and our family.  We did. 

We, as in me, had to decide on the cake.

Would I make it or would I order it?

I decided to make it.

Since she is a Club Penguin fan I am going to make her a pink Club Penguin cake as a surprise!

I’m awesome!  Ha ha.  I tease.  No, I don’t actually.

Then I wanted to make treat bags for those that came.  Nothing fancy but something they could actually use and have fun with.

I came up with these bags after a quick trip to the Dollar Store.  I have 23 bags made up and only spent $20.00 on supplies.

Birthday treat bags.
Silly straws, fun pencils, fun flags that go on the pencils, bookmarks, noise makers, bubbles, Tootsie Rolls and Smarties.

Birthday treat bags.

Birthday treat bags.
That's right, WELL DONE!

Birthday treat bags.
Ready for the par-tay!

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Laurel said…
You should have my addy to send mine to me, but holler if you lost it ;]
Supermom said…
ha ha

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