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The Adventures of Supermom in Asheville, North Carolina

It's been a week since surgery.

I actually put on clothes, sort of.

I still am not well and hope to feel better ASAP!

Easter is a few days away!  I hope that you enjoy it with your family.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.

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How long will this go on?

Guess what time it is. Ha ha.
In fuzzy.
I went to bed with Superdad and my heating pad at a decent hour and I was excited about snuggling and sleep.  Sigh.  Then after tossing and turning (and keeping my honey awake) I got up, grabbed my robe, and walked in the dark to my comfy couch after grabbing some peanut butter cups and my pain meds.

I’m up and it’s after 2am!  I’m watching TV surfing the web thinking about crocheting something.

Anything as this point!

Pot holders.


Pillow covers.


I’m disappointed.

This week is spring break and I wanted to do something fun with the kids!  There had been talk of the beach or Pigeon Forge and even Chuck E Cheese (cringe) but here I sit on the couch unable to do anything fun with them.

It’s Friday and school will start soon and I haven’t done anything fun with the kids.

I’m not able to drive because of my medication but I don’t feel like going out because of the pain that I am in.

It just isn’t fair!

I’m upset about this.

And Easter is on Sunday! 

I want to cry but I won’t.

I’m just going to be positive and know that it does take time to heal after surgery and that I will do something fun with the kids when I feel better.

What will you do this weekend?

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About My Stent

I wonder if I should frame it with
my most expensive bracelet.

Last Friday I had surgery to get rid of a stuck kidney stone which left me with a stent in my body.  It ran from my left kidney to my bladder and there was a string attached that came out of a certain part of my body.

No, I won’t show you that picture.

The string is there so when it’s time for the stent to come out they just pull that string and the stent comes right out.

Pain free.

Well, apparently my body didn’t like the foreign object in my body and left me in excruciating pain.  I’ve never felt pain that bad before.  It was just awful.  Superdad ended up calling the doctor’s office on Saturday and the doctor on call called in another med and told Superdad that if that didn’t help that I could go ahead and pull the stent out.

The medicine helped if it was taken on time every single time.

Or I was crying in pain curled up in the fetal position.

Who knew that it would hurt more than the actual kidney stone?

I knew that I needed to leave the stent in as long as possible because it does have a reason for being there.  Taking it out to soon could cause more medical problems landing me back in the hospital.

And there’s no way that I wanted that!

So, on Monday I couldn’t take it anymore and the stent was scheduled to come out on Wednesday (that's today) anyway so I called the doc’s office asking if I could go ahead and pull it out.  I was warned that I would continue to be in pain and to still take my meds on time.  But as least the stent would be out and I could start to recover.

SO, I pulled that baby out!

It didn’t hurt.

But then I was in excruciating pain again.

I cried.

Superdad took care of me.  He hasn’t left my side really, even missing work to care for me.

Here it is Wednesday and I’m stent free and still woke up in a lot of pain.

The meds have kicked in but I’m grumpy.

I’m tired of the pain I am in!  It’s been over a month since all this started and I’m ready to be pain free.

Soooooooo READY!

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Fired Up! Creative Lounge is the PERFECT place for Girls Night Out

Recently I was able to host a very fun night of pottery painting with some of my girlfriends with cupcakes and wine.  We all had a lovely night and painted lots of amazing pieces.

Relax and Create!

Fun, easy and totally relaxing! Fired Up! Creative Lounge is a hands-on studio where you are the artist. Adults, teens and kids can all design and create glazed ceramics, pottery, mosaics and fused glass art and jewelry. We can help you create beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsakes for friends, family or yourself. Our experienced staff can show you various techniques or you can explore on your own. Fired Up! is locally owned and operated by Linda and Mark Chester of Fairview, NC.

Paint Your Own Pottery

With a wide variety of bisque items to choose from, there is something for everyone! Standard tableware, seasonal and holiday offerings, plaques, vases, banks, monsters and mermaids, all waiting to be brought to colorful life! And, there are literally hundreds of possible color combinations with our selection of glazes. It’s easy and fun for all ages.

Glass Fusing

Create glass trivets, trays, bowls, light catchers or jewelry with only the slightest element of danger! You may select one of our kits including bottle stoppers, nightlights or pendants, or invent your own beautiful creations.

Mosaics and More!

We offer everything you need to complete your own mosaic project. Choose from our selection of backings, then choose from hundreds of shapes and colors of tiles, beads and other accessories to create your own mosaic design. Mix and apply the grout yourself and take home a beautiful piece of art. You may also be your own potter at Fired Up! Ask us about our pottery wheel or hand-molding clay.

Our pottery came back so I wanted to share some before and after pictures with you!  Enjoy.

Thank You

PicMonkey Collage

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I finished my bedspread for my queen size bed.

Crocheting a Blanket
The edging was finished today.

Crocheting a Blanket
Working on the edging.

Fantasy Island

Our Star Trek Season Two voyage is over so we are planning our next Friday night ritual with a new (old) TV show.  For the past two years we’ve watched the original Star Trek series to celebrate their 45th anniversary by watching them on the same night that they were aired all those years ago.

It wasn’t my idea just in case you were wondering.

Superdad is a huge fan.

So, we watched the last episode of season two and now we will wait until it’s time to start season three.  In the mean time we needed a new telly show to watch as a family on Friday night. 

It came to me at the hospital.

I still remember watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island on Saturday nights with my papaw and it was an awesome memory that I will never forget.  I couldn’t talk Superdad into Love Boat but Fantasy Island won!

So starting next Friday we will start watching Season 1 of Fantasy Island.

The plane!  The plane!

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