Monday, February 4, 2013

Making Valentine's Day easy and fun!

I knew that today I was going to take Lil O shopping for Valentine's Day cards for her class so I was looking around to see some options.  I found the most adorable cards at Walgreens that you personalize with a picture and they were the Disney Princesses.  ADORABLE!!!!!!!  And not expensive!!!!!  BONUS!

So, I thought I would surprise her and order them for her.  I was even able to pick them up in LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!  Another BONUS!

Happy Valentine's Day Cards
30 cards for $16.00 !!  (Sorry my pic is blurry, I was in a hurry!  ha ha)

Aren't they just awesome!!!!!!!  I picked up some lollipops that she can attach to the envelopes as a special treat for her class. 

I cannot wait until she gets home so I can show her the SURPRISE!!!  :)

PS.  I wasn't paid to promote this!  I was just sharing with you my Valentine's Day idea! 

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