Kidney Stones

While dealing with my kidney stones I'm being taken care of by my family and friends.  I'm so blessed so I wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone!!!!

junk food
YUMMY in my tummy!!!!!

Get Well Soon
My teenage daughter gave me an awesome goodie bag last night.

Get Well Soon
Nightgown and fuzzy socks.

Get Well Soon
Awesome napkins for my next Girls Night Out.

Get Well Soon
An awesome wine glass!

Baby M and Lil O have given me lots of kisses and given me lots of artwork!  Kids are cool like that.

Handome B has been helping with Sophie until he went to a sleepover.  I miss him.

I've also gotten some really awesome phone calls, emails, texts and Facebook messages!

Thank you!

Just think, tonight my Mamaw and Great Aunt are bringing over dinner for me.

My belly is growling just thinking about it!

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