Kidney Stones, oh my.

It’s that time of year again.  That one time a year where I get a kidney stone.  Yay me!  Not only do I suffer with kidney stones but now my teenage daughter does as well since they are hereditary.  Sorry about that babe!

After collapsing in the kitchen last night and crawling to the living room I knew it was time to call my doctor’s office. 

Oh the PAIN!

Superdad and the kids took awesome care of their pitiful mother who was in pain.  (This morning I reached into the fridge to get the milk and saw where Superdad had bought four bottles of Gatorade for me.  Awwww, isn’t that sweet?)

When I get a stone I drink a lot of Gatorade.

Hence the sweetness factor that he had bought four big bottles for me.

I’d say that if he’d have added a ball of yarn he would have gotten lucky!  Ha ha.  I tease because I’d already bought a cart full of yarn this week at the craft store.  You get the gist of my happiness though.

Now we wait. 

Dear Kidney Stone,
Please hurry. 
Love, Supermom

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Sue Mangers said…
Oh, Michelle.......this comes on the morning of me getting my stent removed.....have been dealing with this 'bout' on & off since July, with the worst part since late December. Had lithotripsy done 12/31...followed by 1 week of hell and an infection, high grade fever, passed out in the shower- fell & broke a front tooth, ER visit....all because I still had 2- 4mm stones left!! Just had them go in w/a scope last Friday where they assured me the stones were lasered and removed. So, today I go back for yet another xray and then removal of the stent which has been making me a bit crazed for the last 6 days. Yippee. Can hardly wait....the idea of them pulling that thing out of me flips me out a 'wee' bit. Yes, the pun was intentional.

My dear, I pray yours passes.......and quickly.....
mbl said…
Where was Superdad when you were crawling in pain to your bed?
Supermom said…
I'm so sorry Sue! I've been dealing with them since I was 19 years old. No fun at all! I will be thinking about you!

Thank you for your well wishes.

TJ, he was downstairs riding his bike until Baby M went to go get him.