Kicking the baby (almost five year old) out of the bed.

It’s that time.

We are taking our bed back.

For things like sleep.



Fun adult stuff that is really comfortable in a bed.

We have loved every minute that our kids have shared our family bed, every single minute because it’s something that we will always fondly remember. 

Those midnight snuggles.

Waking up to a baby smiling at you.

Feeling their warmth against you.


But Baby M will be FIVE years old in March and we are taking our bed back.

So we took the babies bunk bed shopping yesterday.  Are bunk beds a thing of the past because the selection sucks!  Really sucks!  IMPO!!!!!  We eventually found one online at JCPenney and it will be here in a few more weeks.

So, we can enjoy our snuggle bunny until then.

In the meantime I’m taking her shopping for some sheets and a special blanket for her new bed. 

When all the other kids have been moved to their own bed we made it their personal space with sheets they picked out, a blanket they picked out, maybe a special pillow case and don’t forget all the stuffed animals that will be tucked in at night with your child.

It is important to make this very special to them so they don’t feel “abandoned” because they aren’t sleeping with mommy and daddy anymore. 

I think Baby M is ready and she seems to be really excited about having her own bed and I know Lil O is excited about getting the top bunk! 

How did you move your “baby” from your bed to their big bed?

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Mrs Furious said…
Since H is still living at home, are you going to keep the bunk beds in your room? Or are you shuffling things around?
Supermom said…
Shuffling things around. :)
mbl said…
How did you move your “baby” from your bed to their big bed?

I plopped my twinks in their crib as soon as we returned home from the hospital.
Supermom said…