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Lets Talk About SexI hope that you appreciate that I had to figure out how to make these awesome pie charts through Excel just for this blog post.  Now I want to make pie charts for every post.  Actually I don’t so don’t go looking for them.  Ha ha. 

I thought that since I was sitting on the couch drinking Gatorade while on pain medication that I would post the results of the Sex Survey that you answered.  Or read but didn’t answer.  It was all anonymous so I don’t even know who took the survey not that it matters because I wouldn’t have told anyone anyway.  It’s in the Supermom Code of Ethics Rule Book just in case you were wondering.

So, let’s see the results and talk about them just a bit.

Question 1

Question 1a

I pretty much figured that the norm would be one to two times a week for sex.  I can totally understand and relate because there are kids in the house and work and chores that need to be done so when it is bedtime I'm so exhausted I'm asleep even before my head hits my pillow.  It's life.  We may not like it but we are the only ones that can change it. If you want more sex then make time for it!  Even a fun quickie in the bathroom would add some excitement to an ordinary day. 

For those 26% that don't know what sex is, I order you to grab your partner RIGHT NOW, put a movie in the DVD player for the kids, lock your bedroom door and have SEX!  I mean it!  RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY INSTANT!

Question 2

Yeah, about that.  I don't and I won't.  Shrug.  Takes the fun out of it if you aren't in the mood. 

Question 3

I'm so happy that 59% are happy with their sex life because I thought this number would be much lower.  Basically 41% need to be working on their sex life, myself included.  The next time we do this survey, next year, I hope to see everyone is happy with their sex life!  Deal?

Question 4

Well DUH!  This is a no-brainer and I'm not sure why I asked the question.  Having kids slows down the sex life because we are caring for those small human beings most of our waking moments and sometimes sleeping moments.

Just know it does get better, your sex life, when they get older.  Like when they go to college!  Ha ha!  I tease!  I think.

Question 5

I am all for masturbation!  So, go forth and masturbate!  If you don't know how to pleasure your body then how can you tell someone else what feels good! 

Question 6

I have no problem with toys in the bedroom and it's nice to see that others don't either!  For those that answered that they can give recommendations, please comment below so we all know!  Share the fun with everyone!

Question 7

WOOT WOOT!!!  I was surprised that 75% have oral sex part of their regular sexual routine because I thought that most people were to shy about that sort of thing, only because their parents sort of made it taboo.  For those 5% that are too shy to let their guy/gal eat at the Y, you are missing out on something really amazing!  I know it's letting another person be really intimate with you and that may be hard to do but it can be really enjoyable if done right. 

Question 8

Well, I answered a big fat NO because even though I love my husband and I love sex, I know that I wouldn't want sex every single day!  For women it's a mental thing, am I happy?, did he make me angry?, did the kids rub all over me today? and do I want to have sex?

It is nice to see that some men don't want sex every day!  YAY!!  I don't know why this makes me happy but it does.

Question 9

I'm surprised that a percentage would be mad at their significant other for not having sex with them unless it's more of a "my feelings are hurt" type thing that my significant other doesn't want to be intimate with me.   I just hope that you realize that perhaps they are tired or had a rough day themselves and just because they don't want to have sex doesn't mean that they don't love you. 

Question 10

Question 10 answers were pretty normal with wanting MORE SEX!!!!!  So we all agree that wanting more sex is what we need in our sex life.  Be sure to open the lines of communication with your significant other so that you can talk about it openly without anyone getting their feelings hurt.  Also, don't make it too technical because sex is a "feeling" thing not a "technical" thing.  Know what I mean?

Close your eyes and let your hands and mouth wonder and just feel the moment.

Make it fun.

Make time for sex because who wouldn't want to be touched and explored and such.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions and I hope that everyone makes time for sex tonight!!!  Let me know.  Ha ha! 

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