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Happy Anniversary to me.

*dancing all around like no one is watching but I wouldn’t care if they were watching anyway!*

Today is a special, I still cannot believe, anniversary for me.  Weird that I would look at this occasion like this but I do and of course I will be celebrating (by chance).

Two years ago today I had a hysterectomy.  It wasn’t something taken lightly and it had to be done because I knew it was the best solution to my problems at hand and I was right.

Not only do I not have torturing periods but my back no longer hurts and I am no longer on iron for being anemic. 

I feel great!

Yes, I get sad that I can no longer have a baby but I’m pretty much over that.  Most of the time.

So today, raise your cup of coffee and celebrate with me.  CHEERS!

hysterectomy anniversary

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