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Kidney Stones Part 2

Today I've drank lemonade (enough to last a lifetime), two beers and vinegar.

Not together.

I better pass this stone.

You cannot say I haven't tried.

Kidney Stones

GE Digital Camera ~ CREATE Metal by Jason WuI’m feeling rough.

Yesterday we found out that I have a kidney stone STUCK!

Imagine that.

If it’s possible for something to happen, it happens to me.

I’m not exaggerating.

I’m just glad that it wasn’t my ovaries because that could have caused issues.  I’m talking surgery. 

So, she put me on another med to help relax and has me drinking lots of lemonade to help eat away at that stone.

If I drink anymore lemonade I am going to barf.  That was a recent status update of mine on Facebook.

I just took my meds and I’m wrapped up on the couch in a warm blanket watching a Bones rerun.

I want to thank everyone that is helping care for me and my family.  Thank you!

Okay, I’m going to enjoy looking at the flowers that Superdad gave me and try to drink more lemonade without gagging.

Wish me luck.

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Supermom on ETSY.

Only Ollie

I'm back on ETSY and you can find me HERE!  GO check out this beautiful bracelet that I made. 

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Supermom's Best of the Oscars 2013

For best dressed I picked Kerry Washington!  I haven't seen her new movie but I eventually will.  I think she looked stunning in her dress!  Perfect for Oscar night.

I must admit I fell in love with Ann Hathaway's Tiffany & Co.'s 2013 Blue Book Collection diamond necklace the moment I saw it!!!  I know that I'll never be able to afford it but if I did, I'd never take it off!  EVER!!!! 

Who was your favorite of the night?

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Thank You

Thank you Honey!  You're the best!  I love you!

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I asked. You answered. Now we know.

Lets Talk About SexI hope that you appreciate that I had to figure out how to make these awesome pie charts through Excel just for this blog post.  Now I want to make pie charts for every post.  Actually I don’t so don’t go looking for them.  Ha ha. 

I thought that since I was sitting on the couch drinking Gatorade while on pain medication that I would post the results of the Sex Survey that you answered.  Or read but didn’t answer.  It was all anonymous so I don’t even know who took the survey not that it matters because I wouldn’t have told anyone anyway.  It’s in the Supermom Code of Ethics Rule Book just in case you were wondering.

So, let’s see the results and talk about them just a bit.

Words To Live By

Thanks to everyone that shared this on Facebook.

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Kidney Stones

While dealing with my kidney stones I'm being taken care of by my family and friends.  I'm so blessed so I wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone!!!!

junk food
YUMMY in my tummy!!!!!


Mint Oreos
Cool Ranch Doritos
Peanut Butter Cups

(along with the other kids)

Playing.Baby M is a self-made vegetarian and has been since birth.  She has never eaten meat or wanted to eat meat.  She told Superdad the other day,

“I don’t want to eat animals.”
Sniff sniff.  She is so aware of things!

Yesterday we were driving to school and she saw someone cutting down a tree and it upset her.

“Why are they cutting that tree down?  We have to have the trees to live in this world.”

Again, she is so intuitive!

She amazes me.

Now if I can just stop following her to the bathroom every time she has us go!

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