Tsk Tsk, I should have been packed like a week ago.

Liberty Street Bags, Asheville North Carolina

Tomorrow I am heading on an overnight trip with some family members to watch Joey graduate from boot camp and I haven’t packed.

This isn’t like me at all.

I would normally have been packed a week ago. 

I’m funny like that.

I did finally make my pack list yesterday.

It’s pretty basic just for an overnight stay.

Clothes for Graduation (check weather for final decision)
Swimsuit for the indoor pool
Undies (Never forget those and always pack a few extra pairs.)  ha ha
Bathroom Stuff
iPhone charger for wall and car
Camera, camera card and charger

It’s much easier to pack for one instead of six.  Whew.

I will miss you Superdad, Handsome Teen Son, Lovely O and Ninja M and Sophie the Superdog.

Will you miss me?

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