Rough Days Suck

Yesterday was a rough day for me, very rough.

I had a puny seven year old home but that was easy because she vegged on the couch, played Polly Pockets and watched some TV.  Well, Baby M watched Doctor Who, the Christmas special again so we were all stuck to the couch watching that awesome episode again.

Then I crawled into bed and napped.

I crawled out of bed to take the teen to work then I grabbed a bath and put on clean pajamas.

Then I sent Superdad a text, “Don’t be upset with me but I’m a mess.  Let’s get Urban.”

He called immediately and I gave him the order.

We ate.

I eventually crawled into bed again and napped.  Superdad asked me if I was depressed and I didn't have any answers.  He tries to help make me feel better with suggestions but I just wanted to sleep and my body wasn't taking no for an answer.

Then I woke up and picked up a little then it was time for the babies to go to bed.

I went to bed with them.


I woke up this morning feeling AMAZING!!!

That makes me happy.

I think with going through the depression in December with the kids home and really no set schedule I was recovering last week and then this week the kids were in school, I had a schedule to follow, I had to have clean clothes, I had to make dinner, I had to pack lunches and I had to do it with a smile.

But I couldn’t.

This week was hard on me.

Even enjoying the company of a friend exhausted me mentally.

Until today.

I’m happy.  I’m smiling.  Dinner is cooking in the crock pot and I even went past the one mile radius around the house to buy yarn at the craft store.

Oh and the house is dusted, vacuumed and all sparkly and shiny.

Yay me!

So, today was a step in the right direction.

Tonight is Star Trek night.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Julia Spencer said…
Yeah... On Amazing. (And I totally get the exhausted thing...) There are days when bed and couch are the only things getting used, while other days house is clean, food cooked, art made, children played with and even more energy to play with husband... LOL!
Laurel said…
I hear you, the last 3 days I can not get the Arthritis in my knee to calm down, I actually pulled out the walker & I haven't used it in a LONG time. =[ Glad you're feeling good & I think I saw the color of my scarf on top!!
Supermom said…
Julia, Thank you for your comment. I really have enjoyed getting to know you and it's nice to have a new friend since I tend to keep to myself. :)

Laurel, Thank you snuggle bunny because you offer me so much encouragement. I'm not worthy. *bowing down* :) I'm sorry you are having a difficult time. I hope you are still wearing your scarf. I love you.
Just a little yarn?
Supermom said…
HA HA!! You ain't seen nothing yet.
Anonymous said…
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