It’s all about the hair. (But not the hair on your butt.)

I don’t know what it is about hair, whether we love it or we hate it because it seems there is no happy medium when it comes to hair.  I’m talking all sorts of hair!  The hair on your head, the hair on your face, the hair under your arms, the hair on your butt (as Baby M says) which really isn’t on your butt but OH YOU KNOW WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT without me spelling it out to you and the hair on your legs.

And all the other places you have hair not mentioned above.

I bring this up because a few months ago I noticed the hair above my upper lip (I refuse to say mustache because ONLY MEN have those) was getting thicker and darker in a few places.  I about fainted right there in my bathroom which would have been bad because I would have hurt myself falling onto that cold hard tile probably hitting my head on the toilet on my way down. 


So, of course I ran to my laptop to Google hair on upper lip on women and how it happens with age and hormones and a bunch of other stuff.  I read about how to get rid of it and I even asked my Facebook fans what they do for the hair that bugs them.  I got answers like waxing and lasering it off.

I also learned through my research that the hair will not grow back darker or thicker like you always hear.  Fear not because it’s an old wives tale as they say. 

I knew I didn’t want to shave it off with a razor and I knew that waxing would hurt like hell and of course tweezer-ing would hurt and I didn’t have money in the budget to even think about laser treatments.

So I bought one of these bad boys:

I love it!!!!


It works perfect for my upper lip hair!  Voila! 

(and other assorted places)

HEY!  I was bored and curious.

Now you know.

What’s your take on body hair? 

PS.  I wasn’t paid to post this.  I bought the trimmer myself because I wanted to try it out and it worked!  YAY!

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Kelly said…
I feel your pain literally. I wax unwanted hair and it stinks. I think all men should have to do it once, so they know what women go through for the sake of beauty.
Supermom said…
OUCH to waxing! I love those lil clippers!!! You should try those!
Daura said…
Steam facial opens up the pores and it is easier to pluck them away with a pair of tweezers. With plucking them out or waxing, you are getting to the root of the hair and it takes longer to return.
Supermom said…
True but it's no trouble trimming the hair once a week. Buuzzz and it's gone in 30 seconds.
Emily Kevin said…
There are many products like this, i rely on waxing and threading to remove unwanted hair but i am sick of it now, might go for laser hair removal.