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Instagram no more. Weekend randomness.

Last month I read all the news about Instagram being bought by Facebook and I knew that had trouble written all over it because Facebook has been going downhill faster than a bike with no brakes lately.  I had over 500 pictures on Instagram, some really awesome pictures, and I wasn’t going to give anyone the rights to use them for gain without my consent.

So, I deleted my account.

I didn’t want to worry about all my hard work being taken and used somewhere else.

Sure, anyone can do that anyway but at least I could control my pictures on Instagram.

I don’t miss Instagram but I miss being able to play and edit my pictures.

I’ve been trying to find another program for my iPhone.

It’s Sunday and I haven’t really done anything productive over the weekend but that’s good.

I did go grocery shopping, crochet some, took a nap, watched TV, played with the babies and tried to catch up on email.

I’m a busy woman.

Oh, I did book a room to go see my daughter’s boyfriend graduate at Fort Jackson. 

It’s going to be a big hen par-tay and I’m excited about that.  We are going to talk, eat good food, laugh until we wet ourselves and see this young man graduate from Army boot camp.

I will take lots of pics to share when all this happens.  Now, to find something to wear.  Hmmmm.  I just thought of something, all those men in uniform.  THUD!!!  *fanning myself*  Superdad may regret not going with us to watch the babies…  I tease!  Ha ha. 

I’m now accepting yarn donations.  :)  Later alligators. 

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