Friday, January 25, 2013

How do you stay fashionable in the winter?
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Well, that’s a super easy question!  DUH! 

I am all about sweaters and scarves in winter.  I’ve always been that way and I have scarves going back to high school days, over 20 years ago, to prove it.  I’m also a sucker for a sweater!  Back in the day they were huge sweaters worn with leggings to go along with my BIG BANGS but thankfully now I prefer form fitting sweaters.

This morning I grabbed some scarves from the closet to show off some of my favorites.

Scarf 01
Burgundy goes with basically everything!

Scarf 02
Of course I have a grey one.

Scarf 03

Scarf 04

Scarf 05

Scarf 06

Scarf 07
Different scarves in blues and greens.

Scarf 08
Different scarves in black.

Scarf 09
An assortment of pretty purples.

Scarf 13

The pictures above were taken with the new amazing Windows Phone 8X by HTC that I am currently reviewing!

The new Windows Phone 8X by HTC features HD video, an ultra wide-angle front camera lens, and many other great features—all the better to help you capture more amazing, creative content!

Content and/or other value
provided by our partner, HTC.

It was a breeze taking these pictures with the front camera lens because of the awesome amazing wide-angle lens!!  No more wishing your arm was six feet long!!!!  All of the pictures were taken with the front camera lens just in case you were about to ask.

How do you stay fashionable in the winter?  Are you a scarf freak like me??  Let me know with a quick comment below! 

**I received the Windows 8X by HTC through Social Chorus so I could share with you how awesome it is.  I'm also a part of Troop 8X.  #Troop8X #HTC8  **

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♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ said...

thanks for taking your skeletons...ummh scarves out of the closet
your collection is quite impressive - I had some fancy pieces back in Germany from wool to cotton to silk - now here in SoCal it has really boiled down to a fashion accessory (which I am appreciating right now in the nightly 40's)
btw I am impressed by the quality of the photo quality of the HTC, isn't it cool to have a phone (I have different brand) what takes over the function of a digicam?


Supermom said...

Thank you for them comment.

I'm glad that you like my skeletons, I mean scarves.