Four Year Old for Hire and Anderson Cooper LIVE (Who isn't for hire.)

While I was cleaning house on Wednesday before heading to Columbia, SC I made a trip to the hall room bathroom where Superdad just replaced the potty and is still currently replacing the tile and of course Baby M followed me.

I cannot remember the last time I used the bathroom alone.

So, I was playing around and told Baby M, “You should have daddy finish the floor while I’m gone.”

The floor was finished when I made me back yesterday afternoon.

Baby M told Superdad that he needed to get the floor finished while mommy was gone.  Something like that. 


So, if you are waiting for some repairs to be finished in your house give me a call and you can borrow Baby M for encouragement!


Yesterday I was invited to be on ANDERSON COOPER LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kid you not!  I was drinking my coffee at the hotel when I got the email.

I wish I could have met the Silver Fox but I was at Fort Jackson watching someone graduate from boot camp.

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