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Show me your baby belly!

1 day to go belly
182 pounds, the day before Baby M was born.
Every time I pick up a magazine or watch TV it’s full of beautiful people with beautiful bodies, for the most part.  It makes me cringe that young girls think they have to be a size zero because it just isn’t fair.  It isn’t fair to them to have this expectation that they must be so tiny and look like they would blow away in a strong wind.

Young girls need to know that it’s okay to weigh more than a Q-tip because we are all different!  We have different genes for one and our bodies should be different.  I got my mom’s genes so I have always been tall and slender without a butt.  I’ve always wanted a butt!!  Even when I weighed 182 the day before Baby M was born I still didn’t have a butt!

What’s up with that!?!?!

For me it is hard to see a celebrity a few months after birth wearing her regular clothes and back to her normal size.  They don't mention the plastic surgery {?}, personal chef, personal trainer and the nanny to watch their baby.  After my babies were born I wore my pajama pants and my maternity clothes because I was fat, even months after the new baby I was still wearing bigger clothes because I was still fat.  I wasn’t worried about dieting or exercising because I was too busy being a mom.  I was napping with the new baby, nursing the new baby, taking care of my other kids, cooking, and cleaning and just being mom.

Fired Up! Creative Lounge in Asheville, NC offers Summer Camp for the kids! #asheville #hendersonville

Linda at Fired Up! Creative Lounge invited one of my babies to join in on summer camp and it was AMAZING!!!!  I was able to sit in one morning to see the action and take some pictures.  The girls really loved it and I could tell by their smiling faces and laughter!

They were able to be creative and make so many amazing things!  AMAZING!

Here are a few pictures from my morning and you can click HERE to see the whole set!

I cannot express my gratitude enough for my daughter to have this wonderful experience.  She absolutely loved it and we have some beautiful pieces of her art around the house now.

Fired Up! Creative Lounge Art Camp
Working on grouting a tile frame for Father's Day.

It was very traumatic.

Yeah yeah I blog a lot about my life and my family.  I didn’t realize how important it was to me until it was gone.


Just like that.

Sunday night Superdad had told me he had gotten a Malware notice when he went to my blog and I didn’t think anything about it because everything was working on my laptop.

Until Monday morning when I was getting emails about my blog not opening and people were getting Malware pop-ups.

It was very frustrating because my blog is as clean as it gets if you overlook the Sex Surveys and all the alcohol drinking at my house.  (I kid.  Sort of.)

I instantly went into “must fix this” mode which included a lot of crying.

A lot of sobbing.

Since I use Blogger and it’s free there are no tech support numbers that you can call for help, it’s all help boards, forms and emails.  No help at all!! 

It just made it more frustrating because I was getting ZERO help and my blog still wasn’t working.  No one was able to see the picture of my grandmother because it was her birthday and no one was able to see the Mike the Knight giveaway that had posted.

I cried some more.

A lot.

I didn’t realize how important my blog had been to me because I figured it would be something that I could give up any time that I wanted.  *shrug*

So after all the crying and sobbing I reached out.

I had realized that GoDaddy, where my names are, was having an awesome sale on Wordpress Hosting and they’d even download WP for me and get it all set up.  Cha ching!  So, I bought the hosting and let the amazing Brian walk me through things and watch him set things up for me.

Here it is the same day at 2 am and my blog still isn’t working properly and I cannot stand how WP works!

I’m typing this up in Word to HOPEFULLY post tomorrow on my blogger blog.  I hope that Google will unlock my site so I can get a refund through WP and post this for you to read.

During all of this I had felt like my journal had been stolen.

I was very sad.

I cried a lot.

PS.  In the mean time I canceled the hosting and deleted WP.  I've tried tumlbr, Live Journal and a few others sources but not liking any of them.

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I picked up my new glasses today.

The Adventures of Supermom

Not only can I see but I look like a sexy professor.  Superdad told me so.

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White People Really Can’t Dance
(except my friend Michelle)

The Adventures of SupermomLast night I had an amazing time with some friends of mine at Pack’s Tavern which is in downtown Asheville and it’s one of my favorite places to go out when I do go out on that rare occasion.  It started out as getting together with high school peeps since we had our 20th reunion last year and had said we should do it every year.  So, we put it out there and no one seemed interested the second time around but a few.  Then I threw it out online for anyone to come so we could have a fun time dancing and drinking.

There were eight of us at our rowdy table.  Well, rowdy doesn’t really explain our table.  Us gals were flirting obsessively with Bryson who was taking care of us as he brought us tasty drinks, yummy food and that awesome smile of his! 

Well, we couldn’t help it!!!  I’m very sure that he’s young enough to be my son!!
Remember I do have a daughter that goes to UNCA.  Yep, I am that old.  Ha ha.

The Adventures of SupermomAfter shots with Michelle and my signature martini we danced, laughed and laughed a lot more!  It was really awesome getting out of the house without worrying about adult responsibilities with kids, cooking dinner and giving the girls a bath.  The only thing I had to worry about was making sure to stop drinking early enough so I could drive home and flirting with Bryson. 

It’s funny because the people that knew me in school really don’t know me now, like my sense of humor and how I just say what I want and I’m really a big perv.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I am totally harmless but pretty much game for anything.  Ha ha.  I’m a fun and crazy gal. 

Our table conversation was about all sorts of fun things and even ended up on sex toys and I’ve got to remember WHO brought that up.  I know it wasn’t me this time.  Ohhhh, I know who started it but my lips are sealed.  But I do know we all were using Google to look a few things up!