The Best of 2012
(In no specific order.)

Wow, another year has flown by and so much has happened!  If you doubt any of that then go back and read my blog for the past year!  The events mentioned below are only a few things that I could think of when I sat down to type this up, over a few days.  I know that I’ve missed some fun stuff but that’s okay.  I think I outlined the best stuff!

I hope that when you look back at your 2012 that you have as many awesome memories as I do and I hope that you make so many more memories in 2013.  I know that I’ve enjoyed so many things from 2012 and some are utterly unbelievable but they did, in fact, happen.  I’ve had a good year and I’ve got a good life.  I’m truly blessed.  I’ve been able to meet new friends, learn new experiences and enjoy my life.  Thank you for putting up with me for a year and reading the blog.  I hope I haven’t bored you too much this year with my nonsense rambling at times.

Perhaps I should spice things up next year and learn pole dancing, nahhhh, I’m not really the athletic type and I’d probably just end up sliding down the pole which wouldn’t have the same effect.  Ha ha

Okay, enough!  HAPPY END OF 2012!!!!  May 2013 brings you much joy, health and wealth.


* Hannah enjoyed her senior prom.

* My daughter graduated high school with high honors.


* Going to Folly Beach with my husband and all four kids.

* Spending a long weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN with my family, my Mamaw and great aunt.

* I celebrated with Superdad because we've been together a decade!

Happy Anniversary honey. Thank you Avenue M for a wonderful dinner and dessert.

* My son went to his first homecoming dance.  I know he was the best dressed handsome young man there.

* My daughter starting college.  GO BULLDOGS!

Proud parent of a bulldog.

* Getting my second tattoo.

Just be and live.

* Our kitchen make-over.

Kitchen DIY

* My son says I’m a hero.

My son.

* Guest judge at the Cupcakes vs. Cancer at The Grove Park Inn.

* I read the awesome series Hunger Games.

* I let my daughter buzz my hair off for a YouTube video.

* I saw Gomez in concert again!

* I got to meet Justin!

* Fell in love with Oreo’s ad agency!

* I went to a Zombie Prom.


* I went to my 20th high school reunion.

20th Reunion

* I found Siri.

* I went to the Southern Bloggers Conference.

* I joined Pinterest.

* I enjoyed another Christmas with my family and most importantly, my Mamaw.  She's my hero.

Christmas 2012

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Laurel said…
My thoughts on your year…I ordered a swimsuit similar to that, though- doubt I'll look that good in it, I think you're a hero too, the kitchen looks Awesome, looks like Sophie enjoyed “The Hunger Games” too, somehow I missed that Oreo ad, but I’da supported it as well, I cracked up at your love for Siri & your vacuum, and lastly, I lost my grandpa 2 weeks before Christmas so enjoy every moment you can with the ones you love most!!
Supermom said…