Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Special Gifts For A New Mom

When you look back on the last five years or so of your life, there are certain types of memories that will likely stand out to you. Of course, the specific memories differ from person to person, but in general it is things like special celebrations, life-altering moments, etc. that will stand out the most. However, among the most treasured memories, it is often the little surprises in life that stand out. And when you're in a committed relationship, there are plenty of opportunities for such surprises.

One particular opportunity for memorable gestures that has always been strikingly charming is for husbands to give their wives gifts commemorating the birth of a child. Needless to say, the nine months leading to the birth of a child are extremely stressful on the mother, and as a gesture of appreciation for all of mom's hard work (as well as the hard work yet to come) it is always wonderful for the husband to have a gift ready, perhaps to give on the day or night that the baby is born. Here are a few particularly nice ideas for such a gift, each of which can provide the kind of special surprise that will always be cherished.

Some men like to give their wives jewelry upon the birth of a child, both as a romantic and appreciative gesture, and to provide a lasting symbol of the significance of the event. This is a very charming idea, and opens up a lot of possibilities. One option might be to look into diamond eternity rings - elegant and beautiful symbols of commitment. Or, if you want something simpler, you could even give her a locket, which could later on hold a picture of the baby.

Photo Album
If you want a simpler, but perhaps more personal gesture to consider, a photo album is always a nice option to commemorate a specific occasion. Taking the time to gather photos of you and your wife over the course of your relationship can get you started on a family album, as you can quickly add pictures of and with the new baby. This is a lasting gesture that any new mother will greatly appreciate, and provides the family with a lasting album of memories.

Something For The Baby
Finally, you may also consider doing something for the baby as a different sort of gift for mom. Of course, as expectant parents, you will have done a great deal of preparation together. But preparing something on your own - a last minute decoration for the baby's room, a brand new crib instead of a hand-me-down, or even a wardrobe for the baby - can show your consideration. Anything to lighten a new mother's load is bound to be appreciated, and this can be a fun and sweet way to do just that.

*This is a Guest Post provided by Sarah Jones. Sarah is a Super Mom who enjoys freelance writing. **

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