I can only take so much emotionally until I break.

Last week I was feeling emotionally down and depressed and my anxiety was in the red zone.  I guess it’s the whole “what do we get the kids for Christmas” then “how much is this going to cost us” and then remembering my best friend Brian died around Christmas over fifteen years ago. 

So I’ve been down.

Then with everything happening in CT my heart just broke even more.

I have a seven year old daughter.

I have a beautiful brown eyed, brown haired seven year old daughter.

Last night I was cooking the babies something to eat because the teens were at a Christmas party and Superdad had taken his Mommy to see Lincoln when the phone rings.

It was from my son’s school, a recorded message from the principal, about how we as parents are worried for our children’s safety since the tragic event in CT and how they take school security very seriously.  It went on with details about the safety drills they perform and how they do everything to protect our children.

I broke down.

And cried.

I cannot even imagine what these families are dealing with right now.  This community is heartbroken of all the lives that were tragically lost due to a shooting. 

We all mourn their loss.

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Tiffany said…
Being a mom to 6 (4 girls & 2 boys) My 3 oldest daughters (ages 8,7,6) attend Elementary School.. We received a call last night too saying that they would have a Sheriff at all the Elementary Schools today until further notice!! I am emotional with what on Friday too, really not getting any better either.. Last night hearing Obama's speech I was getting teary eyed! When I went to bed, that is all I thought about was those families,responders, students,staff etc.. I just couldn't imagine! Putting my oldest 3 girls on the bus this morning I got teary eyed walking to the house :/ My heart aches for everyone affected!!
Laurel said…
and then my grandpa died...stick a fork in me I'm DONE!!
Supermom said…
Inno :(