How much food do you waste?

Perfect AvocadoRecently I asked fans to throw out some topics and I would blog about them and I only received ONE response from someone asking a really good question.

Hi Supermom, every week before food shopping i clean out my fridge and make a list of what i need. I am always shocked how much food i waste because we went out instead of eating left overs or things just got bad. How much food do you waste, just to compare? Today it was a container of spaghetti sauce, 3 zucchinis, 3 items we didn't like and taco

Here ya go:

Sounds like what I do, I go through the cabinets, get some ideas and figure out what I need to get at the grocery store each week. Since we are a family of six being prepared is a must have for breakfast (cereal, waffles, toast, eggs or oatmeal), lunch (I have to pack one for one child and then I feed a couple of people lunch during the week as well) and dinner.  Then there are snacks!

Since we have a lot of fresh fruit and veggies on hand I write things down on my dry erase board that’s on the side of the fridge (I refer to the board as my Bible) so I know what’s in the fridge so I don’t forget to cook it.

I’m pleasantly surprised that we don’t waste much food.  *whew*  After dinner I always put the leftovers in containers to send with Lil O and Superdad for lunch during the week that way I’m not rushing around in the morning thinking about what I will feed them for lunch. 

I spoke with Superdad and the only thing that we seem to waste from time to time is an avocado or two that’s been left in the fruit/veggie bowl on the kitchen counter along with a few bananas that don’t get eaten fast enough which happen to be in the same bowl as the avocados.

From time to time I have to throw out a few celery sticks because they aren’t used fast enough in recipes.

That’s pretty much it.

My advice is to have a dry erase board on the fridge that you can write down what’s in the fridge so you don’t forget about those zucchini, apples, squash or taco meat that’s in the fridge.  Also, if you have lots of leftovers left and don’t want them to be forgotten about, put them in some freezer containers and freeze them so you can pull them out to reheat on a busy day where you don’t have time to prepare dinner.

Thank you for your question.

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