Happy Decade Superdad

Today makes a decade, ten years, since my first date with Superdad.  I’ve blogged about this night here, here, here, and here.  But for the new readers let me tell you about it again.

I met Superdad through work because we worked in the same building, I worked as a drug store manager and his family owned a radio station.  I’d never really spoken to him before until one time he caught my eye then I asked around about him.

Months later he started to visit me at the store to talk.  YAY! 

I finally asked him out on a Thanksgiving because I was working and he came to the store for a visit.

Then our first date was on December 1.

I was nervous about my first date with HB (Hottie Bike Guy). I am sure I was anyway. Our first date took place December 1, 2002. We went downtown and had a bite to eat at Doc Chey’s and then went to watch a James Bond movie.

We both love James Bond. I even have a Bond girl name. Lovea Bedhead.

It was a nice first date. I remember as we were hugging goodnight–I grabbed his behind. What can I say? It was squeezable.

After that, we were together when we could be.

I can remember where I first told him that I loved him and I know where we were when he told me.

We became engaged New Years Eve of 2003.

We got married May 30, 2004.

We found out we were pregnant with our beautiful daughter July of 2004. Our after the honeymoon baby. :) We were so happy. We wanted a baby together from the beginning.

We had a baby before we celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

Then in 2007 we had another baby on the way.

So that baby is now four and our honeymoon baby is seven, and my children are fourteen and eighteen.  We even have a dog now, Sophie the Superdog. 

Happy First Date Anniversary Tomorrow Honey. I’d still grab your behind if I had it to do over. xoxox

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m.mishoe said…
That is so funny! I almost forgot that he was called hottie bike guy...
Supermom said…
LOL Yep, Hottie Bike Guy, HBG, then it was shorted to just HB. :)