Monday, December 17, 2012

Classroom Friendly Supplies , Sharpener Review

My husband was super excited when he found Classroom Friendly Supplies because the pencil sharpener we’ve been using is over 30 years old and WON’T even sharpen a pencil.

How many of you own one of these?

Pencil Sharpener 01
Vintage Pencil Sharpener...LOL

Doesn’t work, does it?

They also make a mess when you try to empty the shavings out!  SO many problems and you don’t even get a sharp pencil out of it all.

Firehouse Red $24.99 USD

We were sent this beautiful red Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies and I’ve had to refrain from sharpening every single pencil in the house!  I’m talking pencils, colored pencils and pencils yet opened in the school supply box! 

Yes, this sharpener is that awesome!

Check out the 3 Pack; it is only $53.97 for 3 sharpeners. A 30% savings per sharpener!

   * A "must have" for every teacher.
   * A unique and practical teacher gift.
   * Old-school retro look.
   * Quiet sharpening eliminates classroom interruptions.
   * Automatic stopping once the perfect point is formed.  This prevents over-sharpening.
   * Works on standard sized pencils.
   * Clear plastic disposal tray for easy cleaning.
   * Easy to use (as young as 5 years of age.)
   * Sturdy metal frame (approximately 3"x 3"x 5")
   * Portable or mounts to a surface.
   * We ship to the USA only.

Pencil Sharpener Collage 01

Pencil Sharpener Collage 02
Look at that amazingly sharp pencil!!!!!  YAY!!  AWESOME!!!!

More information about Classroom Friendly Supplies:

I am a primary school teacher and the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies. I first started selling these sharpeners after realizing that many fellow teachers were also completely fed up with the loud and inefficient pencil sharpeners that they had in their classrooms. I have 1000's of happy customers and the feedback has all been consistently the same and extremely positive. 

Gladly accepts school purchase orders, click HERE.

The Sharpener That All The Teachers Are Talking About
It will change the way you sharpen pencils in your classroom.

**I wasn't paid to post this and all opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a sharpener for FREE so that I could tell you how awesome it is!!!!  Now, I must go sharpen more pencils!**

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