Christmas Gifts on a budget. Idea 3

Here's Idea 1 and Idea 2.

Popcorn Gift Idea 04I enjoy making Christmas gifts for my family and friends.  It can be a scarf that I crocheted or a basket that I whipped up for a fun treat.  This Christmas was no different because I began planning two ideas of things that I could make for this Christmas.

I hit the Dollar Store which is the best place to get fun ideas!!!  I spent $56.00 and was able to make 15 adorable gifts that I know everyone will love.

You will need a snack bowl, I found some awesome big plastic popcorn bowls to use, a decorative Christmas towel and sparklie stuff to add for decorations and some candy cane Christmas decorations they can use on their tree.  All found for a $1.00 at the Dollar Store.

Popcorn Gift Idea 01
All finished.

Popcorn Gift Idea 02
I loved adding the kitchen towel.

Popcorn Gift Idea 03

Popcorn Gift Idea 04
Everyone loves popcorn and Milk Duds.

I bought the food products from the grocery store and they weren't a $1.00 so it added some to the total of all the gifts.  All in all I think I did a damn good job of making 15 Christmas gifts for around $65.00 dollars.

What gift ideas do you have to share?

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Laurel said…
Making candle holders out of 11 ounce coffee cans.
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