Christmas Gifts on a budget. Idea 2

Potpourri Gift 03*Continued from yesterday.*

I enjoy making Christmas gifts for my family and friends.  It can be a scarf that I crocheted or a basket that I whipped up for a fun treat.  This Christmas was no different because I began planning two ideas of things that I could make for this Christmas. 

I hit the Dollar Store which is the best place to get fun ideas!!!  I spent $56.00 and was able to make 15 adorable gifts that I know everyone will love.

You will need small glass decorative bowls, potpourri and ribbon.

Potpourri Gift 01
My supplies.

Potpourri Gift 02
Tie ribbon.

Potpourri Gift 03
Add potpourri.

Potpourri Gift 04
All done.

Potpourri Gift 05

Potpourri Gift 06
Perfect gift.

**Since I made these ahead of time I covered each jar with plastic wrap so the potpourri still smells awesome when opened at Christmas.**

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